Testimonials. What our clients have to say.

Accent XL

"I hate my flabby thighs! Accent XL has helped me see texture improvement on my thighs!" ~Patti C.

"I came to the clinic with extra baby weight that I wanted gone. I started out with a 38 inch waist. I have already lost over 2 inches in my waist." ~Lieu F.

"My stomach needed to be tighter. I hated my loose skin. My skin has gotten tighter and my stomach is flatter after treatments from the Accent XL." ~Talise T.

"The Accent XL has helped me lose inches and my skin is much tighter!" ~Elena M.

"Accent has helped me have much tighter legs!" ~Amy H.

"I started Accent XL treatments in May 2008. I can see a dramatic difference in the appearance of cellulite and my skin is much tighter." ~ Kelly H.

"I had extra fat on my legs. I had tried lipodissolve in the past and wasn’t completely satisfied. With Accent, I notice less cellulite and my legs feel and look softer and tighter." ~Stephanie

"After losing weight, I was very concerned with the loose skin. The skin around my waist has tightened up! My thighs are smaller. My stomach is much smoother and flatter. I have seen amazing results with the Accent XL. I’m so happy!" ~Rhonda P.

"After getting tired of droopy looking skin, I started treatments on the Accent XL. I have seen good results. I would like to have more and try Pixel." ~Carol B.

"I didn’t like the way my upper arms looked. I have only had two Accent treatments and I have already lost 2 inches in my left upper arm and 3 inches in my right upper arm, which was bigger to begin with." ~Brandi D.

"I came to DaVinci Laser Center after using creams, lotions and body wraps in an effort to remove cellulite. I noticed results after my very first Accent treatment and significant improvement everyday thereafter for the following week. I lost three inches and plan to do more. I am very pleased!" ~ Karyn P.

"After seeing an ad in the newspaper for the Accent Laser, I decided to seek Accent Laser treatment for my neck, face and double chin. I have seen visible results in my neck and chin area. These areas are tighter and firmer just after two treatments. And after just one Pixel Laser treatment my skin is smoother, clearer, has a much better tone and minimized broken capillaries." ~ Debby E.

"After having a baby I had a few extra pounds on my belly. I tried creams, lotions and working out. After Accent Laser treatment, my waist is smaller and my skin is much tighter. I feel so much better!" ~ Dixie L.

"When I attended the Home and Garden Show I received a 10 minute treatment on the Accent Laser. I had concerns about my lines and sagging skin. After treatment with the Accent Laser, there was a noticeable difference in the fine lines and sagging skin around my jaw line."
~ Connie W.

"After losing a lot of weight, I had sagging skin on my neck and face. I came into your Laser Clinic and received Pixel and Accent treatments. I obtained a noticeable difference!" ~ Janice K.

"I had been using different skin care products, diet and exercise to improve the appearance of my skin and reduce my fat. I was referred to the DaVinci Laser Center for microdermabrasion and the Accent Laser. I have seen a lot of improvement in my face. The dead skin is gone. It is also smoother and my make-up looks better. With the Accent, I have also seen improvement on my love handles. The skin is tighter and my waist is smaller. Overall, I’ve lost nine pounds!" ~ Nic B.


"After exercise, diets and fat burners, I still was unable to get rid of that stubborn fat. I have had lipodissolve treatment on my abdomen and back. The stubborn fat has been all but eliminated. I plan to engage in laser treatment to eliminate the cellulite in my thighs and rear end." ~ Gloria E.

"I was getting lipodissolve treatments at a clinic that went out of business. They referred me to the DaVinci Laser Center. Since then my results have been great. My clothes fit better and I feel more confident!" ~ Kirsten F.

Teeth Whitening

"A friend referred me to your clinic because I was concerned about my stained teeth and the effect they had on my life and confidence level. WOW! What a difference! Thank you!" ~ Rhonda F.

"I came into DaVinci Laser Center to have my teeth whitened. Whitening strips and trays hadn’t worked. Now…White Teeth! Yea!!!" ~ Stephanie S.

"After white washes and whitening strips, I hadn’t achieved the results I wanted for whiter teeth. I was referred to your clinic by Karyn Palmer to have laser teeth whitening. I saw results immediately and was very pleased with the ease and results of the treatment." ~ Rose N.

"I came to the DaVinci Laser Center for teeth whitening. My teeth are significantly whiter. They look great!!" ~ Brandi A.

"I learned of your facility at the Tarrant County Health Fair. I wanted to have my teeth whitened. My results? Nicer smile!" ~ Mauri E.

"While receiving a bone density scan through your clinic, I saw an ad for laser teeth whitening. My teeth were dull looking and now, after laser teeth whitening, my teeth look really great!" ~ Paula M.

Soprano XL Laser Hair Removal

"Laser hair removal brought me excellent results. I have done 2 treatments so far on the Accent XL and have already lost 2 inches off of my abs!!" ~Carla A.

"I am very pleased with all treatments that have been completed on me. I have done laser vein removal, laser hair removal, and Accent XL." ~Devon H.

"Dark hair on my face was the concern that brought me to the DaVinci Laser Center. Chemical hair removers and waxing proved to be unsuccessful. Therefore, I turned to laser hair removal at DaVinci Laser Center. Now, my dark hair is almost gone!" ~ Denise W.

"I was referred to DaVinci Laser Center for laser hair removal. My results were great! I have minimal hair remaining!" ~ Rose R.

"I learned about your clinic through an advertisement. I had been plucking my chin hair and was looking for a more permanent alternative. I have now had Pixel, microdermabrasion and laser hair removal. I am very happy with the results."


"I saw your ad in the Fort Worth Star Telegram. After at home Microderm kits did not work, I came in to DaVinci Laser Centers. I have much tighter skin and my scars have faded and my skin tone is much better." ~Carol K.

"Fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars brought me to the DaVinci Laser Center. Overall, I wanted healthier looking skin. I had tried over-the-counter products and microdermabrasion years ago. After microdermabrasion and Pixel treatments, my skin is much smoother and I feel much more confident about my appearance. I’m really happy with the treatments I’ve received here. You have a great staff, too! Thanks!"
~ Monica S.

"I had been treating my Milia with over-the-counter products. I came into your clinic and received microdermabrasion. My skin looks much better and I have fewer Milia. Mary Anne is very professional and good with these treatments." ~ Pat B.

"I was concerned with my facial lines and the sun damaged skin on my neck. I came into the DaVinci Laser Center for microdermabrasion. Since having these treatments, my skin is softer; it has more elasticity and reacts better to skin products. I’ve even noticed my pores are smaller. I’ve been using the Cellex products from the cleanser to Cellex-C, B and moisturizer/sunscreen and I like them all." ~ Theressa R.

"While visiting WalMart, I had a bone density test performed by one of your representatives and received additional information about your clinic. I wanted to improve the texture of my skin, shrink my pores and reduce the appearance of my wrinkles. In the past I had used cosmetics, cleansers, moisturizers, line reducers and night creams. I began microdermabrasion therapy and my pores are smaller, not seeable face to face; my skin texture is much improved; the lines around my eyes are smaller and my skin looks 10 years younger. I get many compliments on my skin, especially since I am 70 years old." ~ Sarah R.

"I obtained promotional materials about your Laser Clinic from Bally’s. I have been concerned about acne scarring and I was looking for a treatment for anti-aging of my complexion. Since starting my microdermabrasion treatments, my skin is smoother and looks healthier. Marianne does a great job. She is extremely professional. I look forward to coming in for future treatments!" ~ Monica S.


"The fine lines and wrinkles are less noticeable after my Pixel treatment." ~ Juli

"I have had several different procedures done including Pixel, Botox, Microderm, and Accent XL. My skin is tighter, sunspots have faded, my crow’s feet are gone, and cellulite is less noticeable." ~ Mary G.

"I had sun-damaged skin, red spots and acne. I had Pixel Laser treatment that took away my dark spots. My skin is very smooth and it helped with my acne." ~ Kristi C.

"My face is softer and more clear. The products for my face have worked great. I have noticed a dramatic change since my hair removal treatments. I don't have to shave anymore!"~ Terah M.

"I have seen immediate results in the clearness and brightness of my skin. I have smaller pores and my breakouts have stopped since I started using your products."~ Katherine C.

"My skin was very clear for my wedding. My complexion looked great! I was very, very pleased . . . and so was my husband-to-be!"~ Lilly P.


Testimonials Coming Soon ~ Patient.


Testimonials Coming Soon ~ Patient.


Testimonials Coming Soon ~ Patient.


Testimonials Coming Soon ~ Patient.