enradia foam
Clear foaming gel removes dirt, debris, and make-up, and is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin and contains only a hint of natural fragrances leaving the skin clean, clear, and refreshed.
enradia silk
This specially developed toner re-cleanses your skin free of impurities, leaving a sheer, silky finish. It contains Salicylic Acid, which is an excellent exfoliator as well as a comedolytic agent. To offset the usual dryness associated with toners, it contains small amounts of mink oil and natural plant extracts to leave the skin clean and soft. The skin will now be ready for repair.
enradia diminish
For the gradual fading of pigmentation of the skin such as lentigenes (freckles), and melasma. It contains safe yet therapeutic levels of several tyrosinase blockers, thus reducing the tendency towards hyperpigmentation at the cellular level. It also aids in exfoliation with kojic and citric acid but leaves the skin adequately moisturized with a hyaluronic acid base. The typical odor associated with bleaching agents is gently masked with a natural plant fragrance.
enradia enhance
Periodic exfoliation leads to a more unified tone, and stimulation of collagenesis for a smooth texture and refined pores. The acid is a pure unbuffered glycolic acid gel with a hint of pure aloe to offset any mild irritation. This step should be titrated appropriately to ensure tolerance and efficacy.
enradia quench
This oil-free vitamin-enhanced calming moisturizing gel is useful following the enhance step or anytime the skin requires calming and moisturization. This unique blend of Vitamin C, E, and pure aloe, provides necessary coenzymes for collagen synthesis and age-reversing antioxidants, as well as a calming non-comedogenic moisturizer and anti-inflammatory agent. It can be used at room temperature or refrigerated for added comfort.
enradia shield
This specially formulated UV blocker which contains micronized Zinc Oxide provides full-spectrum (UVA and UVB) coverage without leaving the typical opaque hue of physical blockers. It has an SPF rating of 30 and maintains itself well in high heat and moisture conditions with a pleasant odor free, non-comedogenic, water-proof base.