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Accent XL:
Davinci Medical on AccentXL procedure
The Doctors: Accent XL
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Accent XL: Featured on "Nip/Tuck"
YouTube: Accent XL
YouTube: Accent XL
YouTube: Accent XL

Soprano XL:
The Doctors: Soprano XL

Skin tightening:
YouTube: Infrared ST Skin Tightening Laser

Davinci Medical on Pixel procedure
Alma Laser website: Pixel media coverage
YouTube: Pixel Microfractionated Laser
Alma Lasers: Pixel Treatments - News Videos

Laser Hair Removal:
Davinci Medical on Laser Hair Removal procedure

YouTube: Obagi Skin Care

Plasma Resurfacing
YouTube: Rhytec Portrait Plasma Resurfacing

Botox© / Restylane©
YouTube: Botox© Cosmetic
YouTube: Botox© and Restylane©

YouTube: Restylane©

YouTube: Lipodissolve
YouTube: Lipodissolve
YouTube: Lipodissolve
YouTube: Mesotherapy Lipodissolve Non-Surgical Fat Removal
YouTube: Lipodissolve


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