Restylane® : Further Information

Restylane® results are dramatic and long-lasting. It works to correct wrinkles, lift facial contours, and enhance lips. One of the most significant factors of this breakthrough treatment is that it lasts for six months to a year. The crystal-clear gel is injected into the skin and plumps up wrinkles to fill them in. It works so safely and effectively, because it contains Hyaluronic Acid which is already naturally found in the skin and other tissues. The procedure takes just about 30 minutes, and the results are immediate and with minimal discomfort. Restylane®, combined with BOTOX®, helps to revitalize your appearance by sculpting the face.

Jeffrey Adelglass, MD, FACS, is SKINTASTIC’s Founder. He is one of the few doctors currently serving on both the Medicis Advisory Council and Allergan’s National Education Committee (the makers of BOTOX®). These committees are composed of distinguished doctors who are skilled and the artistry of administering Restylane® and BOTOX® injections.

“Restylane®, when combined with BOTOX® Cosmetic, helps to revitalize your skin’s appearance by sculpting the face,” says Dr. Adelglass. “To achieve maximum results, an at-home skin care regimen is also recommended to protect your skin from any further aging effects.”

Restylane® will be adding three new products to the Restylane® family: Restylane® Fine Line, Perlane, and Restylane® Sub Q. We will add these products to our skin care services in Dallas and Plano when approved for use by the FDA. For more information on Restylane®, visit, or for a complimentary consultation to see if Restylane® is right for you, call 972-620-FACE (3223).

Restylane® treatment is performed by injection and with many different choices of numbing medicines available.

Restylane® Rewards™

Earn up to $475.00 in rewards for being a loyal SKINTASTIC™ Restylane® customer. Simply begin your beauty regimen, and follow-up with treatments every six months, or sooner. After each treatment, you'll be rewarded with a Restylane® RewardsSM benefit check. The rewards grow over time, and after your fifth treatment, you'll receive a special bonus--a $200.00 Treatment Voucher--good toward a future Restylane® treatment.

(*maximum of 3 treatments per year)

NEW! Stay with the program to become a SKINTASTIC™ Restylane® RewardsSM Premium Status Member. As a Premium Status Member, you'll earn rewards even faster, based on how many syringes of Restylane® you use. You'll receive a $200.00 Treatment Voucher after every 4.0 mL you use, plus $25.00 per qualifying treatment of 0.8 mL or more. A Restylane® Redemption Form is required for every reward with a minimum of 30 days required between treatments. Additional restrictions apply.

SKINTASTIC is proud to offer 43% more Restylane® in each treatment! This is a phenomenal savings, after Medicis Aesthetics announced a new, larger size of Restylane® will be distributed! Now, a larger size treatment in a 1.0 mL package will be produced, and the original 0.7 mL package will be discontinued.