How It Works
The Super Frecator 6800M is an easy-to-use, compact device with a high-frequency electrical current that delivers precise electrical sparks through micro electric probe at different amplitudes to dehydrate a skin growth. It is an electrical treatment device, NOT an operating tool (such as an electrical scalpel). Therefore the client does not need to be grounded. Results are seen almost immediately. All treatments are permanent.

At almost all times, the probe remains apart from the tissue being treated and the current sparks across the gap causing dehydration of the skin growth. There is no blood associated with the treatment. The area is in fact, dehydrated, and a scab replaces the area where the growth originated. From this point on, new skin cells start regenerating from underneath. It usually take about 1 week for smaller growth and up to 3 weeks for bigger and thicker skin growth before the scab fall off naturally. The treated area will heal and new healthy skin will return and gradually take on the color of the surrounding tissue.