Accent XL

Reshape your aesthetic practice potential
Only the Accent XL system lets you treat wrinkles and rhytids to achieve smoother, tighter skin through two distinct RF modes of volumetric thermotherapy.


Put the Accent on patient satisfaction
The Accent XL system has been used successfully worldwide to tighten and re-contour skin through the treatment of wrinkles and rhytids. Its global record is one of high patient satisfaction with both the experience and results of a proven treatment program. Unlike other RF-based technologies, the Accent XL system provides faster, significantly less painful treatments and requires no disposable tips or grounding pads. Treatments are clean & comfortable. Our only commitment is to greater patient satisfaction.



Two discrete handpieces deliver either BiPolar or unique UniPolar™ RF energy
Only the Accent XL system combines two radio frequency modes into one device. Each mode is delivered by a discrete handpiece to enable complete Volumetric RF Thermotherapy at different tissue depths within the body. In the BiPolar mode, RF energy penetrates the skin superficially, facilitating the treatment of areas where skin is thinner and more delicate, such as the face. The proprietary UniPolar™ mode, an Alma Lasers’ innovation, delivers RF energy deep into the dermal and sub-dermal layers to efficiently treat large volumes of tissue. Engineered for safety, efficacy and ease-of-use, the continuous movement of either handpiece, along with Alma’s proprietary IN-Motion™ technology, results in a gradual build-up of heat to achieve the optimal therapeutic effect, while offering a whole new level of patient comfort and satisfaction.

The science speaks for itself

When treating wrinkles and rhytids, Volumetric RF Thermotherapy uses RF energy to create heat through the rotation of water molecules and tissue resistance, leading to smoother and tighter skin by:

Seeing is Believing

Pre-Treatment: Ultrasound image of patient’s abdomen prior to treatment with Volumetric RF Thermotherapy. Notice that the connective tissue is sparse, spread apart and not well organized.
Post-Treatment: 15 days post fifth bi-weekly treatment, the thickness of the patient’s superficial fat has decreased 33% and there is a clear demarcation from the deep fat. Connective tissue has become uniform, linear and horizontally oriented, with an increase in collagen fibers.

A global reputation for outstanding results
Thousands of patients worldwide have been treated successfully using the Accent system, with unprecedented satisfaction. Treatment results typically become apparent over well-defined courses of multiple sessions, which are often termed “comfortably warm” and cause virtually no downtime for the patient. Physicians have documented their results in a number of case studies. See the Accent Gallery Photos for a few of them.